About Us

We are parents just like you

KISSnGO was founded by two busy mums, who due to ever changing family and work demands, have first-hand experience of realising how hard it is trying to find flexible Childcare at a moment’s notice.


Meet Min Noh - a business strategy consultant and Lisa Stanley - a media and marketing executive who as parents of young children, understand that families are often busy and need to attend to urgent errands or last-minute work commitments.

Searching, phoning and driving around to multiple Childcare centres to view facilities and enquire about vacancies is a stressful and time-consuming process.

Our biggest objective with KISSnGO is to provide quick, easy access to a wide range of quality Childcare to suit a family’s needs, whilst as the same time help the Centres operate more optimally and efficiently.

Founders of KISSnGO


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